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Intruder Alarm Systems

Radio Alarm Systems

Magnum is an installer and distributor of intruder alarm systems. These alarm systems automatically detect intrusion, via various established means of detection such as infra-red (Passive & Beam interruption), microwave (Doppler) Also switch detectors of various types(magnetic & vibration) are also used for triggering the alarm control panel which sends a signal to the main control room and a competent and well equipped response team is immediately dispatched to your rescue. These systems can be installed in offices, homes, and any other premises.

External area detectors, with built in digitally analyzing microcomputer circuitry, installed strategically can foil an attempt to break into a premises by alerting well in advance any approaching intruder, near windows or entrances or walls. All of the installations are compliant to latest K.S.I.A regulations.