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Radio Alarm Systems

Closed Circuit Television System (CCTV) Surveillance has been used for over 50 years to prevent crime and enhance public safety. The old vidicon tube cameras have now been super-ceded by more advanced charged coupled devices (CCD). The cost of colour cameras has become low enough to become an essential part of security for Industrial and residential premises.

The security and the safety of staff, customers and assets is paramount. CCTV. Allows you to view on a monitor, in colour or black and white, a particular area or assets. Magnum can supply wide range of colour cameras both indoor and outdoor with infra-red night vision, including digital video recorders. IP- Network based systems and a range of cameras. The types of equipment used is from Pro-line-UK, Prostar-Korea or Napco-USA.

Our guard monitoring systems ensure that a premises is well looked after by the guards by monitoring them using touch memory buttons, RFID readers etc. All the patrol systems can be monitored simultaneously from the same web interface and even reports on the efficiency of your control room staff.